August 18, 2018

Recently an almost-client, let’s call him Bob, called me looking for help. His house was being sold in a foreclosure sale the next morning, and he wanted to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition to stop it. Not an uncommon situation. I’d say at least 40% of my Chapter 13’s are filed to stop an imminent foreclosure sale.  (By the way, you might ask, why file a Chapter 13 as opposed to a Chapter 7? You can exit a Chapter 13 as a matter of righ...

July 17, 2018

I find the trustee's questioning falls into four phases: 1) the mandatory preliminary questions, 2) the scary questions, 3) the "pre-recorded" final questions, and finally 4) the magic words that we all want to hear.

July 3, 2018

When I have a new bankruptcy client in my office, the first thing I will do is explain to them how bankruptcy can help them. After that, the conversation will move to how the process will actually unfold.

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