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"Such an honest and helpful person. It was so nice and refreshing to work with an upfront lawyer. I would really recommend him. I will definitely refer him to family and friends if they need the services he provides." - Sam

"Phill Mahony is one of the most knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys out there. Phill really helped me recently with a complex Chapter 13 matter and had all the answers to my questions. I would highly recommend using Phil as your attorney for any bankruptcy and debt related matters." -Zach

"Mr. Mahony represented my wife's mother-in-law for bankruptcy proceedings. He was professional and worked quickly. She had no trouble with her case and we are very happy with the results." -Michelle

Specializing in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Consumer Bankruptcies and Mortgage Loan Modifications.

Proudly serving the 5 boroughs!

The Numbers Don't Lie!

Since Jan. 1, 2018 Phill has represented 362 bankruptcy clients and has helped them erase millions of dollars in debt!

Since Jan.1, 2018 Phill has wiped out over $17.5 million dollars in unsecured (mostly credit card) debt for his clients!

Since Jan 1, 2018 Phill has stopped the foreclosure sales and won mortgage loan mods for 22 distressed homeowners!

Updated Quarterly - Next Update October 1, 2023

Phill Mahony, a lifelong resident of Astoria, Queens, is a strong believer in customer service and responsiveness. He prides himself on promptly returning calls, texts, and emails. His goal is to present your legal options to you in understandable terms and then address your concerns and answer your questions as clearly as possible. You can read about Phill's practice areas by clicking the icons above, and then you can see for yourself how satisfied Phill's client have been by reading some of the dozens of testimonials on the Client Review page. Calls Phill today for a free consultation at 917-414-6795. That's his cell phone number and he always answers!

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