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Full Service Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are a homeowner and are interested in applying for a modification of your mortgage loan while you are in bankruptcy, see the “Home Loan Modifications” page on this website.

If you do not qualify for my Express Chapter 7 program, it is probably because your income is too high or your assets are too valuable. Don’t despair though, because you may instead apply for my Full Service Chapter 7 program.

The qualifications for my Full Service Chapter 7 program are the same as my Express Chapter 7 requirements, with the following differences:

You may apply to my Full Service Chapter 7 program if:

  1. you own (alone or jointly with another party) real property such as a house, condo, coop, vacant land) and the equity in your property is covered by liens or by state or federal exemption laws.

  2. you own (alone or with another party) your own business.

  3. you  have past income tax debt.

  4. you are currently suing someone for something such as personal injury or medical malpractice that might earn you a cash award. 

A Full Service Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be a vital step in putting your debt behind you and gaining you a fresh start in your finances, but like all areas of the law, bankruptcy - especially bankruptcies where the debtor owns real property, owns their own business, owes back taxes or is currently involved in a potentially lucrative lawsuit - can be especially full of hidden pitfalls that only an experienced attorney can make sure you avoid. Call me today at 917-414-6795 for a free consultation.

The fee for a Full Service Chapter 7 will normally be in the area of $2,400 (not including the $338 court filing fee) but it can be less depending on the value and the complexity of your assets. Call me and let's discuss it.

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