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Phillip Mahony Esq.

Premier Legal Representation for...

Chapter 7, 11 and 13 Bankruptcies, Small Business Bankruptcies, Foreclosure Defense.

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Bankruptcy, the right way.

Phill is keenly aware that the Coronavirus pandemic has put many of his fellow New Yorkers in extremely difficult financial situations. Phill will work hard to keep you well-informed and make sure your bankruptcy  is as stress-free as possible. Call today for a free consultation and let Phill put his 15+ years of experience to work for you. 

   It all happened so quickly. You lost your job, or your second job, or your overtime was cut, or your tenant moved out without warning and you can't find a replacement, and now the financial house of cards that you struggled so hard to keep standing has come crashing down around you. Mortgage payments, credit cards, medical bills, the car loan, your kids' tuition... You are deeper in debt every week and there is no relief in sight. Don't wait until it gets worse! Call Phill for a free consultation and let him go to work for you!


Your Financial

Future Awaits

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Since January 1st, 2018

Since Jan. 1, 2018 Phill has represented 119 Chapter 7 clients in all five boroughs and has helped give them a fresh start in their financial affairs!

Since Jan.1, 2018 Phill has been able to wipe out over 8 million dollars in unsecured (mostly credit card) debt for his clients!

Since Jan 1, 2018 Phill has been able to stop the foreclosure sales and win mortgage loan mods for sixteen distressed homeowners!

Updated Quarterly - Next Update July 2020

For over a decade, Phill has been the go to attorney for both individuals and small businesses, for making their bankruptcy process, no matter how big or small, as seamless as possible. He has now served over 200 clients and has gotten over 10 million dollars in debt released!


Since January 1st, 2018

See What the Clients Are Saying...

Bankruptcy can be a stressful and scary process, Phill's specialty is making it the opposite and getting you the best result possible, so call today and let Phill go to work for you!


Chapter 7s Discharged


Loans Modified

Geraldine, April 2020

In time of need, Philip was the perfect lawyer to hire for the job. He had a positive attitude throughout my bankruptcy that made the process exceptionally easy. I highly recommend him.

Pedro, February, 2020

If you are filing for bankruptcy it is very important you go to the right person, and that's how I felt after my first meeting with Phill. It was like a new door opened that I didn't know was there. Don't make a mistake, go to Phill!

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*Legal advertising past performance is not guarantee of future results*

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