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It all happened so quickly. You lost your job, or your second job, or your overtime was cut, or your tenant moved out without warning and you can't find a replacement, and now the financial house of cards that you struggled so hard to keep standing has come crashing down around you. Mortgage payments, credit cards, medical bills, the car loan, your kids' tuition... You are deeper in debt every week and there is no relief in sight.

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Phil Mahony is one of the most knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys out there. Phil helped me recently with a complicated Chapter 13 matter and he had all the answers to my questions. I would strongly recommend using Phil as an attorney for any bankruptcy and debt related matters." 

-Zach M. 2018

Bankruptcy Made Easy

The first thing I will do for you as your attorney is interview you and review your finances closely to see if bankruptcy is appropriate for your situation. If it is, I will educate you on the differences between the two kinds of bankruptcy available to most consumers: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, as well as Chapter 11 for individuals if your debt limit exceeds certain limits established in the Bankruptcy Code. Together, we will figure out which would be most helpful and which is most likely to erase as much of your debt as possible and get you the fresh financial start in life that you deserve.


Zach, April 2019

"Phil Mahony is one of the most knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys out there...he has devoted his life to helping those in need and he carries that passion and care with him in his daily legal practice."

Colette, May 2019

"When I was at my lowest point financially Mr. Mahony was able to help me get my head above water. He turned what I thought was a hopeless, nightmare case into a manageable situation."

Tom, July 2018

"He was always there for me with my matters we hurdled some big obstacles in our journey with my bankruptcy."

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